11 Oct

Eternal Rest After the Zombie Run

DriveThruRPG Drunken GoblinThe zombies didn’t get me. Well, actually they did, but I think I’m just a carrier of the virus rather than a full on zombie. The fact that that I walked off the course with a smile and no limp is, to me, a win. I have to say, if a Run for Your Lives event takes place in your neck of the woods, you should check it out. And, to celebrate my lack of injuries and the impending creepiness of Halloween gaming, I’ve put The Eternal Rest on sale over at DriveThruRPG.com on the Drunken Goblin’s page.

Flesh Before Bones – Run for Your Lives

As I discussed previously, I adopted the unique training strategy of not training for the zombie-infested 5K obstacle course that is Run for Your Lives. Thanks to the fact that between zombie heavy areas there is often some open ground, the run allowed for a slower pace between bouts of sprinting. This worked out well for my group and our “varied levels of fitness.” Running off alone, as in most horror scenarios, would lead to disaster on the course, so surrounding yourself with fodder… or, rather, “friends” was a great way to overwhelm the hungry zombies and hopefully slip through their mobs unscathed.

Run For Your Lives - Zombie RunMy non-training training treated me well and I rarely felt over-worked or terribly out of breath. Plus, there really is no training for being electrocuted. (I got blasted four times while crawling through one of the obstacles. It is both as bad and not as bad is your mind tells you it will be.) I suppose frequent hiking might have been my “hidden resource” of cardio. In fact, there were times where I actually felt I could run more, but decided that staying grouped up was generally a better plan. Only as the end of the course appeared did I adopt a more “every man for himself” strategy that, of course, resulted in the loss of my final flag within sight of the finish line.

I have to say it was a lot of fun and everyone on the course, zombies and runners, played a part in making it a great time. I will likely return next year to attempt proper survival. In the meantime, I’ll be participating in a slightly more conventional 5K next month by running in The Color Run 5K with my wife. I hope she doesn’t get upset when I shove her toward anyone breathing too heavily and shuffling, but you can never be too safe when zombies are involved and life is best approached by assuming that zombies are always involved.

Booze for Aching Bones

The Eternal Rest RPG SupplementI’m not sure that beer is the best “recovery food,” especially Natty Boh. (If you aren’t from Baltimore, or even if you are, don’t judge me; I had a lot of free beer coupons!) Just the same, there is a certain comfort and solace to be found in alcohol after fleeing the undead. A while ago I combined two of my favorite things to create The Eternal Rest to produce an inn where the undead serve you booze! But don’t worry. It’s not the gross, rotting flesh undead, only well-maintained animated skeletons with excellent customer service skills.

You can pick up this supplement for only $0.99 this month thanks to DriveThruRPG.com and the Drunken Goblin. It has a host of NPCs and story hooks that make for something more than the usual, “it’s just another tavern” doldrums that afflict so many players. The system neutral nature of The Eternal Rest, combined with my recent rereading of Dungeon World, also got me thinking a little bit about custom moves for folks who place the haunted inn in their Dungeon World game. Be on the lookout for some of those next week!

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