16 Oct

The Eternal Rest in Dungeon World

Dungeon World

Last week I mentioned that my system neutral fantasy game supplement The Eternal Rest is currently on sale over at DriveThruRPG.com on the Drunken Goblin page. I also indicated that I’d been thinking about Dungeon World and adding some moves to further supplement The Eternal Rest. I wrote the PDF around the idea that its hooks could be put to use in any rule set and would leave the mechanics up to the game master.

With Dungeon World on my mind lately, I decided to take my own challenge and bolt on a few straightforward mechanics to The Eternal Rest. Even if you aren’t familiar with Dungeon World (and why not?), each of those moves can still be looted for added hooks to spin off from my PDF.

Slumbering Malice

The stone sarcophagus in the barroom of the Eternal Rest serves as a table for bold (and foolhardy) patrons. Numerous drunken bets involve a dare to rest  atop it, close one’s eyes, and focus on the spirit of the mummy whose curse lingers within the cold stone. Neither Matteus Darkcloak or the adventurers who recovered the sarcophagus are aware that the mummy’s curse is a myth that conceals the malicious entity bound to the vessel.

When you recline atop the sarcophagus and provoke the spirit within it, roll+INT. *On a 10+ choose 2. *On a 7–9 choose 1.

  • You can telepathically ask the entity within the sarcophagus a question about the domain it once ruled and receive a truthful answer. The entity then telepathically asks one question of you that you must answer truthfully.
  • You see a vision of a treasure vault in the dungeon that once held the sarcophagus and the secret passage that conceals it.
  • The entity within the sarcophagus promises you a boon in exchange for a dark deed.

The Dearly Departed

One of the gravesites behind the Eternal Rest is marked by a pair of headstones etched with the words “Together in all lives after this.” The names and history of the bodies interred there are unknown, but the site is frequently used as a meeting place for secret lovers.

When you think of an absent love while standing at the twin graves, roll+CHA. *On a 10+ choose 2. *On a 7–9 choose 1.

  • You may briefly speak with your absent love, no matter where they are.
  • Your absent love may briefly speak to you, no matter where they are.
  • An item of significance to both you and your absent love appears between the graves.
  • You receive a vision of your absent love and know the way to them, no matter where they are.

The Common Room

The supposed haunting of the common room of the Eternal Rest prevents most guests from spending the night there. Those who switch to private rooms late in the night or flee the inn entirely never speak of whatever filled them with fear. Most folk blame the stone column featured so prominently in the room.

When you attempt to recover in the common room of the Eternal Rest, roll+WIS. *On a 10+, you recover all of your HP and choose 1. *On a 7–9, you recover up to half of your HP and choose 2.

  • You experience the final moments of the fall of the Temple of Slithering Bones. You take -1 ongoing in your next battle with undead creatures.
  • Serpents are drawn to you, for better and worse.
  • You discover a relic of the Temple of Slithering Bones among your possessions at precisely the worst moment.

The Eternal Rest is On Sale!

The Eternal Rest RPG SupplementNeed an “instant inn” for your group that isn’t just another building full of beds run by an old codger with a gruff demeanor and weariness for adventurers? Tired of barrooms staffed by flirty wenches and a bartender with a mysterious scar and a well-worn longsword hung behind the bar? It’s time something fantastic. Part of your agenda in Dungeon World is to “portray a fantastic world.” Even if you’re playing Pathfinder, D&D, Dungeon Crawl Classics, or Labyrinth Lord you should still adventure in a fantastic world!

Pick up The Eternal Rest during the from the DriveThruRPG.com Drunken Goblin sale page and spend the night worried over something other than food poisoning from the stew pot.

One thought on “The Eternal Rest in Dungeon World

  1. I like these! They’re really evocative. I’ve got a couple half-assed thoughts that come from a guy that’s ready too many *World systems without actually playing any of them. The former comes from the idea of making options that are avoiding a negative, thus applying the negative to everyone that doesn’t pick the option.

    With the Twin graves, you might want to add an option to account for the fact that DW’s action economy comes from self-balancing moves.
    * You do not drain the power of the tomb which would prevent its reuse for [time period].

    For the Common room, if you wanted to provide more flexibility, increase the number of options to choose by one, drop the half HP effect, and add the following:
    * A chill wind disturbs your rest and you only can regain up to half your HP.

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