23 Feb

Positive Review of The Blacksmith’s Burden

Blacksmiths Burden - 5E coverIt’s always nice when someone cares enough to say something about what you’ve written. Better still when they have good things to say. Merric B. took the time to review my short sidetrek adventure, The Blacksmith’s Burden, over on his website. Feedback, all feedback, is a good thing. He had a couple of concerns, which I’m already prepared to address, but had some pretty positive stuff to say. And, while you’re there, he’s got some good stuff going on so browse around a little.

I need to find about those “few grammatical errors” that managed to creep in and pick up the pace on adding my ink-saver PDF to the downloads available on DriveThruRPG. (I normally have one on there, but wanted to get this adventure posted by my self-imposed deadline so I could keep rolling on some other projects.)

Rowdy Bec Rawlings and me
Sorry, Merric, but strawweight Rowdy Bec Rawlings is still my favorite Australian. Don’t take it personally.

So thank you MerricĀ (and to anyone who spends the time sharing useful feedback about creators’ work) you’re now my second favorite person from Australia.

Update: The Blacksmith’s Burden now includes the ink-saving version of the PDF with the backgrounds stripped out. Also, Merric has reviewed another of my 5E offerings, Never Ask Directions, so go check it out.

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