20 Jun

Free RPG Weekend Sale

Free Stuff on DriveThruRPG.comTime to try some new games? Want to do it without crushing your bank account like you did with last week’s Steam Sale? You’re in luck because it’s Free RPG Weekend at DriveThruRPG! Use this made up, but still totally real, holiday as an excuse to browse the electronic aisles of DTRPG for free stuff! Along the way, support those publishers by picking up some of their other offerings at deep discounts or just showing some appreciation with the Pay What You Want option the site introduced a while back.

No matter what, you’re going to walk away with some new and interesting titles to bring to the table for your next gaming session.

Free RPG Weekend

Free RPG Weekend Offerings

Free RPG Weekend on DTRPG features six quickstart rulesets for free. Find one you liked? Good, because after you read these short introductions to these systems you can pick up the full core books for a full 40% off. This year you’ve got:

  • Leverage RPG Quickstart PDFLeverage
  • Demon: The Descent
  • Scarlet Heroes
  • RuneQuest
  • Conspiracy X 2.0
  • Basic Roleplaying

Each of these games offers something mechanically different, beyond just their own unique settings (or all-purpose nature, as with Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying). Personally, I’m interested (again) in Leverage and the Cortex rule system after previous experiences with Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It doesn’t hurt that I also really enjoyed that TV show.

True Neutral Supplements on Sale

In keeping with the varied systems available for Free RPG Weekend, I’ve put my True Neutral supplements, usable with any system, on sale for just this weekend.

Because e-commerce. Or something.

The Eternal Rest PDFThe Eternal Rest and both volumes of my Five Fantasy Bartenders series are 20% off. Each is ideal for a GM who’s running a game on the fly or looking to add something a little different to a prepared session. These PDF supplements are rules-free and usable in any system.

Also Worth a Look on Free RPG Weekend

Everyone clicks on that “Free” link on the right-hand banner of the DTRPG site. But don’t neglect the Pay What You Want titles. Yes, you can pay $0 if that’s what you want, but these selections offer a way to support some of the creators of new and interesting games and supplements. Think of it as an electronic tip jar to thank a publisher for their work. If you pick something up for free and enjoy it, you can always go back and pay for an item by ordering it again.

Never Ask Directions - 5EWhen I decided to convert my free sample adventure “Never Ask Directions” to Pay What You Want, I was skeptical. But I tried to have no expectations. After all, it’s a short sample project intended to introduce people to my work, how they read and how they look. I admit I’m pleasantly surprised at the traction it’s gained. (Not long after it was posted, it was ranked #3 on the Hottest D&D 5E listing and still is as of this blog post!)

Beyond the money, though, offering a few bucks in the PWYW field let’s publishers know that you place value on their work. That’s worth more than the money when it comes to a sample product, to be honest. There’s far more value in the validation of your hard work than in the money itself, but it’s both of those things that keep small publishers producing.

Free RPG Weekend

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