Broken BindingIn addition to the selection of published works on my About Me page, here are some short fiction samples drawn from handouts, cut-scenes, and opening events from some previous roleplaying game campaigns. In almost all cases, I set my material outside of published worlds drawing ideas from a variety of settings as needed. If you are an editor or other prospective employer and need writing samples, please contact me directly.

Instrument of Wrath is a “cut-scene” from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. After the party unearthed a number of clues, the machinations of the arch-villains of the story arc begin to be revealed. Delivered between sessions, it foreshadowed the opposition to come.

What Becomes of the Messenger sets the opening scene of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. When the characters have gathered from their various tribes to negotiate a peace between squabbling factions, they find themselves immediately confronted with a need to ally against an unknown foe.

Unpaid Debt was the conclusion narrative provided to players after failing their previous mission in a Shadowrun campaign.  Before the next session it was important for them to know they were in the doghouse with their regular contact and more than likely set up by one of that contact’s associates.

The Man with the Devilish Good Looks, also set in the Shadowrun universe, was provided to a player when he began secretly researching another player’s character.  Rather than devote extensive game time at the table (in front of the players he wanted to keep his research a secret from) the results were provided as a narrative piece made available between sessions.

Short accounts of Warhammer 40,000 tabletop battles: these pieces were narratives written following games for the benefit of players who missed the games so that they were up to date on the status of an ongoing narrative campaign.