Serial Fiction

When talking about writing gaming material, inevitably I’m asked, “Do you write anything else?” Often, it’s a polite way of saying, “I don’t game.” I suppose sometimes it’s a compliment, but I don’t know how to take those yet. But the answer is, yes, I write more than gaming material. The added distinction -hopefully a temporary one- is that I get paid to write gaming material which gets published. The (predominantly speculative) fiction writing has yet to be picked up by a paying source. But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m not writing it.

However, while it’s hard to justify (to myself, mostly) working on fiction projects when I have more bill-paying work in front of me, I get cranky when I don’t get to write “what I feel like.” So, as a combination writing exercise, carrot on a stick dangling near the end of the week, and ploy to further expand my readership, I’ve begun a serial fiction project.

The idea is every week I’ll be tacking on a chapter (episode? installment?) once my “legitimate” work for the week is done. It will appear every Saturday so be sure to tune in. Keep in mind that these pieces are first (rough) drafts and that I’m just having fun with them. When it concludes (and perhaps another takes its place for the Saturday Morning Serial), it goes under the knife on the editing table and either survives a transplant to a new shape, or I euthanize it and we never talk about it again.

TV MA LogoSubdomain is rated Blog-MA and contains adult situations, language, and violence. It is intended for mature audiences. Reader discretion is advised.  (I will also add that I don’t want to engage in any sort of political discourse in this forum. If you’re reading something and find yourself getting mad at me, the author, please immediately click this link and read what it says there. What I write and what I think are often very different things. If that doesn’t work, Google the phrase “really cute kitten pictures,” and never return to my website. It’s better for everyone that way.)

Links to each chapter can be found on this page and reminders will crop up in the various other places my digital self exists with links to the current week. So be sure to tune in to Subdomain every Saturday morning!

  • Chapter 1 (June 16, 2012) – Our hero begins at the end, and confesses we may have a hard time thinking of him as our hero.
  • Chapter 2 (June 23, 2012) – Our hero continues from the beginning, when he and Walt finally start to realize “inside the beltway” plans.
  • Chapter 3 (June 30, 2012) – Our hero meets the senator for the first time and gets to make a distinct first impression.
  • Chapter 4 (July 7, 2012) – Our hero completes a sales pitch ten years in the making.
  • Chapter 5 (July 14, 2012) – Our hero is overwhelmed with success and realizes what it means to step into a larger world.
  • Chapter 6 (July 28, 2012) – Our hero celebrates by regressing.