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Periodically, I recommend material to my friends. Often this happens when one, or both, of us has been drinking. Then things are forgotten. Now I just tell them to go to “That Page” on my website the next morning. This has the added benefit of offsetting the cost of the website because… eCommerce or something.

There’s no reason I shouldn’t share these things with everyone, but consider yourself warned. Sometimes, without context, these recommendations are going to seem a little out of place for someone who generally talks about Dungeons & Dragons, writing, and science fiction/fantasy. There is a method to the madness, you just aren’t privy to it. As a result, these links are arranged in no particular order.

Welcome to the terrifying, VR incarnation of the guest wing of my memory palace.

Neko Case

The presence of this widget should surprise no one. In addition to seeing Neko Case whenever possible, I’m also willing to help cast her in the (not yet to planned) movie-adaptation of my (not yet completed) novel.

Recent Reading

I read Slow Bullets by Alistair Reynolds recently and it was goddamn fantastic. Pick up any of his work and you will not be disappointed.

This is The Shirt I Wear…

TSIW-tattoo…when I want to make a couple extra bucks.

Seriously, these shirts pay for a lot of the hidden costs of publishing, particularly the #1 seller pictured to the left. Check them all out here.

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